Nashville Coffee Favorites

Nashville Coffee Favorites

Favorite place to grab a cup of joe

7AM: JJ’s, it’s desolate, quaint, and the comfy couches make it so easy to settle in. Parking isn’t usually an issue at that time, which is rare for JJs. Note, it’s a cafe and a market: you can make your own 6-pack of beer and drink it in the cafe with friends while you wait for your table at a restaurant nearby.

JJs.jpg Tip: if there’s no spot in front, park in the Noshville lot behind, I’ve never gotten ticketed (shh!).

2PM: Barista Parlor, weekends are always busy, but if you go at odd hours, you can find a spot without feeling suffocated. This is where the drip coffee phenomenon started in Nashville and this place has definitely gotten its share of national recognition. Don’t forget to treat yourself, get a macaroon.

BP.jpg Tip: Don’t come here if you need an outlet.

6PM: Crema, parking can be a hurdle, but it is worth it. It’s the original, classic Nashville coffee shop, enough said. Crema also offers “coffee classes” if you’re interested in learning more about making your own coffee; they’re $15/class but still a lot cheaper than the $200 sessions Intelligentsia offers.

Tip: Don’t feel like dealing with parking? Go to Pinewood Social and visit their extension of Crema.

12AM: Pinewood Social, still craving some coffee? Pinewood Social closes at 1AM and the coffee bar is always open during hours of operations. Wanna learn more about Pinewood Social? Check out my blog post here.

candidpinewood.jpg Tip: Don’t expect to get work done here. The community table is great but the ambiance of the place won’t let you be as productive as you hope for.

Honorable Mention: Frothy Monkey, oh I love this place, but the constant crowds always make it difficult to find a table with an outlet and be productive. However, if you only need to pick something up and have some time to spare, Frothy Monkey is a great option.

TIP: Google Fiber at Starbucks? WHAT? Apparently in 2013, Starbucks ended their relationship with AT&T and partnered with Google to enhance their wifi. Well, it was rumored to me that one of the Starbucks on West End has it. Google Fiber in Nashville? Yes, please. We all know Comcast is literally the worst.

Hope this was helpful. Any feedback is welcomed!