Hi Jenn, I Love You.

Hi Jenn, I Love You.

Hi guys, Jenn’s boyfriend, John, typing here. So I met this girl freshman year of college. She’s always been a closet hipster. You know, the kind that who were the first to tell everyone about Barista Parlor, but refuse to be labeled by the word hipster.

“I should start a blog,” she said two years ago.

But, such is life, other things here and there slowly ate up all of her free time, and nothing came of her insatiable appetite for cool new places around Nashville.

Until less than two months ago, she started a twitter account for fun, posing under twitter handle @ahungryhipster. So long story short, she wanted more than 140 characters to express her opinions. Our anniversary is this week, and I wanted to give her something to show her I care, hence this site.

I love you Jenny, Happy Anniversary :]