City House

City House

In light of the recent giving season, I want to highlight an individual that has continuously given to me and John: Andrew Wilkins. We met Andrew the first time I took John to City House. We walked in, asked for a table, and that was it. He didn’t write down our name or number, and then we realized he was memorizing the order of all the people that were waiting. We made sure to compliment him and that was ultimately the beginning of our friendship with Andrew and our constant inclination to visit City House because of the wonderful staff.


Order a drink from Alisa. She is a phenomenal bartender who knows the menu very well; you can’t go wrong with any of her food or drink suggestions. She has a side project which includes vintage clothing and if you get on her good side, she might also share some of her favorite fashion spots in Nashville :)

SolomonCityHouse.jpg My go to drink is the Moose but pictured is the Solomon.


John frequently orders the Springer Mountain Half Chicken and it is very consistent. The chicken itself is always tender and juicy, which complements the crispy skin. The salsa verde and calabrian chiles served with the dish gives it a zesty spice that leaves you wanting more. Nothing too out of the ordinary, but extraordinarily cooked.


I’ve ordered 2 of the pasta dishes at City House, but I wouldn’t order either again. The Bread Gnocchi isn’t the typical, soft, tender, creamy gnocchi dish that I usually expect. It’s on the tougher side and served with a lot less sauce to fully compliment the tougher consistency of the potato dumplings.

The second pasta dish I’ve had is the Fettuccini with Lamb. I enjoyed the simplicity of the dish but some of the pasta noodles were stuck together and for me, that’s a deal breaker.


On the other hand, I love the pizza at City House. I’ve had the Lamb Sausage, which isn’t always on the menu, and the Belly Ham pizza. The portions of mozzarella on the pizza is perfect. Honestly, I’d prefer the Belly Ham pizza over the pizzas at Ca’Momi, a Michelin star Italian restaurant I recently visited in Napa.


If you enjoy red meat, order the Painted Hills Tri Tip. Tender meat full of flavor, topped with an electrifying sauce and red onions to fully enhance the overall taste of the dish. John couldn’t decide if he liked the sauce better or how the meat was cooked to a perfect medium rare.



There are two things that always draw me back to City House: the people and the dessert. Ever since I’ve had the Chocolate Stout & Espresso Ice Box Cake, I haven’t been able to stray away from it. The toffee brittle crumbs, vanilla gelato, and caramel that accompany it makes it a dessert you will be craving. Order it. You will not regret it.


Every single time, Andrew takes care of the dessert John & I order. We hate/love that he does this, but it has begun the war of never ending gifts: he buys us dessert, we buy him bourbon. He is a truly wonderful person, simple as that. As we continue to get to know the members of the staff, our love for City House (and their dessert) grows.


  1. A drink from Alisa
  2. Springer Mountain Half Chicken
  3. Belly Ham Pizza
  4. Painted Hills Tri Tip
  5. Chocolate Stout & Espresso Ice Box Cake