Back to Cuba

Back to Cuba

One of my best friends is of Cuban descent, and last summer he suggested going to Back to Cuba, a restaurant him and his dad would frequently visit. The owner is also Cuban-American, and I always appreciate him taking the time to talk to us and share his charming stories– all while feeding us free dessert. I had never had Cuban food before Back to Cuba but I absolutely loved it, and I’ve been going back ever since…


I always get a fruit milkshake. I can’t just not get one.


They’re incredibly creamy and I’ve just never had anything similar to it. I always get mango or passion fruit; either is excellent. If you only get one of the things I recommend, please just get a fruit milkshake.


I’m a big fan of the steak dishes here. I usually order the Bisteck Palomilla which is just Palomilla Steak, a thinly sliced steak cooked with lime juice, garlic, and onions or the Churrasco which is skirt steak with Chimichurri sauce. If you’ve read my post about Lockeland Table, then you know that John and I have a thing for Chimichurri sauce. It’s a sauce used with grilled meat that contains parsley, garlic, vinegar, and chili pepper flakes. The Churrasco with rice, beans, and tostones is pictured below


What really compliments the steak is the rice. Cuban rice is known to be seasoned with oil, salt, and garlic and it tastes phenomenal at Back to Cuba. In addition, the owner of the restaurant prides himself in the beans. It’s his grandma’s recipe :)

Although I love the steak at Back to Cuba, I didn’t enjoy the sandwich I ordered nearly as much, which was the Pan con Leeching: roast pork, onion, and mojo sauce.


The bread and the grilled onions were great (I love anywhere that’s generous with their onions) but the pork was inconsistent throughout the sandwich. While half of it was perfect, some of it was too dry. However, this place is known for their Cuban sandwiches, and the majority of their reviews emphasize the sandwiches so it may be worth another try.



I don’t love flan, so I probably wouldn’t get it again. Instead, I’d get the Arroz con Leche which is their rice pudding. It’s not as thick as most rice pudding but it has a more liquidy consistency. It’s a lot lighter than most of your typical desserts so it’s a great way to finish your meal without feeling terribly full. And as an Asian, I can confidently say the rice here is fantastic!


  1. Mango or Passion Fruit Milkshake
  2. Bisteck Palomilla
  3. Churrasco
  4. (An Extra Side of Their Cuban Rice)