Anniversary Dinner at Lockeland Table

Anniversary Dinner at Lockeland Table

Yesterday, John and I celebrated our one year anniversary at Lockeland Table. We had never been before, but we realized it was finally time for a visit. The runner ups were 404 Kitchen and the Farm House…Ultimately, we made a great decision.


I had previously tweeted at @clarkmatclark, “pizza ninja” at Lockeland Table, for recommendations and he recommended the chicken liver patè; I’ve read great reviews for this dish multiple times but John insisted we get the Cox Farms Roasted Bone Marrow.


I was really resistant to eating the bone marrow because of its jelly like consistency, but I have to admit it tasted great. John absolutely loved it. However, I’d only recommend it if you enjoy that type of consistency.


We ordered the grilled Hereford NY strip with chimichurri and it was cooked to perfection. Lockeland Table is one of the very few restaurants that gets medium-rare right. The chimichurri was a great addition to the dish that demonstrated to be very smoky and savory itself.


We also ordered the Potato & Taragon Gnocchi. It was definitely a unique gnocchi dish, mostly because of its house made boursin cream sauce. I enjoyed it a lot, but don’t expect your standard Italian gnocchi. The Tennshootoe (salted ham) was a great touch, but all in all the dish ended to be a little too salty for me. GNOCCHILT.jpg


It was our anniversary so of course we splurged a little…

We ordered the Banana Foster Bread Pudding and the very popular Olive & Sinclair Chocolate Chip Skillet.


The rum was actually prevalent in the banana pudding. It was excellent, but next time I would only order the chocolate chip skillet.


Honestly, I’m just a sucker for any type of dessert that serves something warm with ice cream.

If you love Lockeland Table, consider the 5 course pop up dinner the “pizza ninja”, Matthew Clark, and Zach Maddox from Coffee, Lunch are hosting this upcoming Sunday. $80/person and it’s BYOB :)

If you haven’t been to Lockeland Table yet and you want to go on the weekend, make a reservation. The restaurant holds about 88 people and it gets pretty busy. Honestly, we didn’t have the privacy we really wanted for our anniversary but the experience made up for it.


  1. Grilled Hereford NY strip
  2. Olive & Sinclair Chocolate Chip Skillet